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Dolle Line

Stamvader "Dolle" met zijn nakomelingen

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One of the legendary pigeons is "de Dolle" from Marijn van Geel.

In 1967 the Kras white pen cock was born in Nieuw Vossemeer.

In the beginning as Nobody but soon he got the name "Dolle", this because he already liked to play in the nest. and after the flights had the habit of flying for a long time.

Because of his special appearance of physique and a superior colored eye, Marijn quickly recognized his breeding value. But first Marijn kept flying with "de Dolle" and it took until mid 1975 until he saw his many good racing performances crowned as an 8 year old pigeon by winning twice a 3rd National in 4 weeks time. This on St. Vincent and on Dax. He won the car at St. Vincent and lost this prize by a few seconds to Dax.

Marijn knew that he played with fire, but his effort was rewarded and after this "de Dolle" was put into the breeding loft. Despite the fact that several people offered a lot of money, the pigeon expert remained steadfast and "de Dolle" remained in the breeding loft. Which has proven itself over the years as a golden opportunity. With this Marijn proved his extra class as a pigeon professional.

For what he and his descendants have brought in joy is the manifold of what he alone would have brought by sale. Now an 8-year long breeding period started in which "de Dolle" made his name a legend with various hens, including his own sister and daughters, and he has remained and will remain unforgettable until now.

Many managed to deliver top performances with the descendants of "de Dolle". Whether they were his children or already one of the next generations. In 1996 Rik Stevens, he got a couple of eggs from "De Dolle" in 1979 and has bred a formidable son, later called "De RIK". This cock has caused a furore for him for many years and now 17 years later has crowned his work because one of his descendants won the 1st Nat. Barcelona won. In addition, the Gebr. Kuypers the 2nd Nat. also 3rd Intern. and Wim v. Leeuwen 8th Nat, 24th Intern. and in Germany Julia Posser 7th Intern. with descendants of "de Dolle". So even after 30 years this proves how dominant "de Dolle" was and still is. Now in 2000 a descendant from this line won again the 12th Nat. Barcelona in Martha van Geel's own loft.

After the death of Marijn in 1983 and the end of "de Dolle" as a breeder, it was in the hands of Martha van Geel to continue with the very strong pigeon material that these 2 champions had left behind.

In addition to many top performances in the following years, the "Vlekje", a grandson of the "Dolle" who, as the true successor of his famous grandfather, won the 2nd Nat. Dax and also the car won.

In the meantime, the van Geel pigeon was so in demand all over the world that Martha van Geel sold all breeding and racing pigeons in a public auction in February 1989 for a record amount. After this, a quiet new start was made with the young pigeons that remained behind and later some breeding pigeons that were bought back. From 1993 onwards, people are again working with full energy and dedication to get back to the top. This is partly due to the establishment of a friendship with Heinz Kramer. In 2001 it is still the lines of "de Dolle", crossed with pigeons from bloodlines of the same caliber as "de Dolle", that are responsible for these performances.

Through targeted breeding and selection, including among the breeders, more racing of the pigeons, and also paying a lot of attention to the health of the pigeons, this has resulted in ± 55% price on the national flights.

"The DOLLE" is already legend! The future will be for his descendants!

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